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How To Slam Dunk

Achieving the ability to dunk is probably the most advanced and impressive skill within Basketball. Dunking a basketball instantaneously demonstrates your abilities, providing you credibility as a player. Over time, entire shows and competitive events have been developed, all centerd around dunking, inspiring both athletes and spectators. The best athletes and performers make dunking look effortless, yet it is anything but easy. An athlete must posses a set of specific skills to be able to pull off an effective slam dunk. By gaining the correct knowledge and learning how to jump higher, you too will be able to amaze and inspire onlookers with your awesome slam dunks.

Dunking consists of 3 aspects, the approach, the jump, and the actual slam dunk. I’ll analyze all of them independently and the way they all fit together. Once you grasp these three aspects of slam dunking you are able to add another, tricks. Given that this is a “how you can dunk” page I will not spend much time dealing with tricks. I will however let you in on a dunk secret, your ability to perform tricks shall be directly linked to how high you can jump.

Dunk Secret: The higher vertical jump you develop, the more hang time you will have. The more hang time you have, the more personal style you can apply to your dunk.


Dunking the basketball will begin with the approach to the basket. While learning the right way to dunk I suggest making use of the three step approach. Running towards the rim or, having a more rapid approach, will result in extraneous sideways motion once you are in the air, making your dunk more difficult. Once you have learned the basics of dunking you can start concentrating on increasing your approach speed. You can choose to jump off of just one or both feet, whatever feels best for you, or which ever gives you the largest vertical. Be mindful that you do not end your approach directly beneath the basket. Jumping from beneath the basket will force you to stretch out in order to reach around the rim making the dunk more challenging. While you’re learning try to be consistent with your approach to the rim. Repeating the same approach to the hoop every time will allow you to develop your dunking technique more quickly.

The jump is easily the most significant component to slam dunking a basketball. This single skill, without a doubt, is the primary obstacle keeping athletes from gaining the ability to dunk. You shouldn’t worry though, no matter how high your current vertical is you are always able to learn how to jump higher. While you develop your current jumping abilities get started with modest objectives. Initially try to make contact with the net, this is the first target for many athletes. When you can touch the net, try for the backboard. In order to slam dunk you need to be able to jump high enough to get your wrist above the hoop. The swiftest method to boost your current ability to jump higher is by following a top-notch vertical jump training program.

After you can get the ball up over the hoop all that remains will be a bit of timing and coordination to dunk the ball. It will require some work, but if you remain focused, applying the proper jump training techniques, increasing your vertical leap, you will be dunking the basketball in a matter of weeks. Have some fun and good luck.

Are You Ready to Slam Dunk Like a Pro?

The Jump Manual, By Jacob Hiller, is the single most scientifically advanced Vertical Jump Training Program on the market today, crushing it’s competition, making them all look like misinformed pamphlets. It will provide you with step by step instruction outlining exactly how to get you dunking fast. By applying the most effective scientific principles you will be able to catapult your vertical jump well above the rim. Using these techniques MANY of Hiller’s students achieve vertical jumps in the 40″ to 50″ range, and you can too.

The Jump Manual Review – All Hype or Does It Work?

Some people are just natural born jumpers. In fact, many athletes do not need to train for jumping, simply because they all ready have the skills, and are already able to jump as high as 40 or more inches.

Then there are those people who have the desire to increase they’re jumping capabilities but have been unable to do so. This is mainly because many people are participating in and investing their money into training programs that are simply ineffective, not to mention outrageously expensive.

These people purchase these programs and then work extremely hard in them, only to be disappointed by the lack of results and have that feeling of failure. Therefore, they move onto another program that leads them to the same place, with the same results as before.

Wasting their time, their hard earned money, and not to mention all their energy that they placed into them. This is where the jump manual comes in. The jump manual is an extensive and detailed training system that will help everyone accomplish a higher vertical jump.

This intense training program was created by the infamous Jacob Hiller. Jacob has been training athletes and working with them to not only increase their vertical jump, but his as well, and he has been doing it with successful results for over 8 years now.

He then took all of his successful training aspects and rolled them into this outstanding training system, so you at home can increase you vertical jump. It has worked so well that this particular training system is desired by some of the top athletes and coach’s, all across the world.

What Will The Jump Manual Training System Do For You?

If you are looking to increase your vertical jumping abilities and become a better athlete, then this particular training system is exactly what you need to do so. With Jacob hiller’s  jump manual you will receive all the proper physical training you need to increase your vertical jump.

Such as increasing your strength and your endurance, creating an explosion effect that gives you that higher, better, vertical jump. Plus, you will learn proper nutritional values.

Teaching you what and how to eat better, proper foods, generating a healthy diet, and that will make you healthier and able to train better, make you stronger, and give you more positive energy. Furthermore, with this amazing training system you will learn discipline.

Having the proper discipline helps keep you on the right track focusing on your healthy eating habits, your hard training, and your over all jumping goals. Using this training system and combining it with strict dedication, prime focus, and applying yourself one hundred percent and sticking with the program, your vertical jumping will be higher and stronger than ever before.

No other training system will do for you, what this particular system does. It was specifically designed with you as an athlete in mind. Giving you all of the best possible resources, so you can maximize your vertical jump to the best it has ever been.

With this training system you also get a money back guarantee no matter what your reason for returning it it. So you have nothing to lose by at least trying it. Once you start using it, you will never want to return this outstanding training system.


There are several various different pros and features associated with the jump manual training system such as:

  • With this training system your satisfaction is the top priority. So if you’re not completely happy with it, you can return it for a full refund.
  • With every training system you will get a workout chart. These workout charts will help YouTube achieve the maximum effectiveness and best results from every single workout.
  • When you purchase your training system from Jacob hiller you will get full access to the training forum. Plus you will get to see interviews from well know coaches, professional athletes, and even shooting coach.
  • This training system software is compatible with Mac, windows, and even Linux.
  • Not everyone has the option or the resources to go to the weight room, this system gives you an alternative to the weight room, that gives you better benefits.
  • When you use this training system you will also learn many valuable tools. Some of those include, how to make your own portable nutrition chart and receive a glossary of training vocabulary.
  • This incredible training system provides you with one on one training, allowing you to ask your own personal questions and addresses any concerns about your training, all through your email.
  • This training system has an entire video library of training videos. This allows you to be able to view first hand how each move is done and how to do it properly and effectively.
  • This training system gives you exact nutritional plan, which will help you reduce your chances of injury, train your body for muscle building mode, as well as help your body to increase gain.


jump manual

Here’s What You Should Do Next

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So get your body back into motion and start using your new training system today. You will never regret such a smart investment in your athletic future.